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The ultimate retreat for the pampered pet

My goal is to provide your dog with a high quality grooming service in a safe and relaxing environment, free from cages and drying cabinets.

I take the best possible care of your dog and use only top quality products, designed for your dogs specific coat and skin type.

About Me

I am a professional dog groomer having acquired my Professional Diploma in all aspects of dog grooming and care at Anrich Vets in Wigan. I also hold a Canine First Aid Certificate and am fully up to date with Animal General Health. I am an experienced hairdresser and have decided to combine my love of dogs with this and enjoy using my creative skills in another area.

I offer a free pre-consultation either prior to appointment or upon arrival at your appointment; I will go through exactly how you wish your dog to be groomed together with any specific needs or requirements.

I will ask you to complete a customer consent form, this will be confidential, and kept on file for reference and reviewed each time you visit, so you can be sure that your dog receives grooming that is correct and to your specific requirements.

If you are not mobile then a collection service is available for a small charge.

Home Boarding

If you are going on Holiday or working away, Tailored to You offer a home boarding service, we hold our boarding licence through Chester and Cheshire West Council and offer home from home accommodation in the comfort of our lovely home.

Dog Grooming

I have a salon in my home which is specially designed to cater for your dog’s grooming needs. From pre-assessment to final groom your dog gets my undivided attention of me. I have made it a relaxed, calm and informal atmosphere for your dog.

I also recognise that not all dog owners are mobile or may have a dog with issues such as old age, nervousness, or are unable to travel, in which case I have portable equipment and can come to you and groom your dog in the comfort of their own home.

Dog Walking

I am fully insured, trustworthy and experienced, and offer dog walking, pet visits and puppy socialisation in the Northwich and surrounding area.

I walk most dogs in a place they are familiar with, on or off the lead as directed by their owner.

If your dog likes the company of other dogs, then I would walk them with my own dogs, in Acton Bridge or sometimes at Marbury Park – somewhere all dogs seem to love.

The length of the walk depends on the age and fitness of the dog and is again agreed in discussion with the owner.

Dog Sitting

I have worked with both domestic and farm animals for many years and, as an owner myself, I understand the need to have someone you trust looking after your much loved and cherished animals.

I can provide a service tailored to meet your pet’s needs while you are away at work or on holiday.

I believe it’s important to meet the pets and talk to the owner in order to establish the best way to look after them, and when and how often I am needed to visit or whether you would like me to stay in their home with them.

Prices for grooming range from £25 to £60 depending on the size and coat of the dog

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